Affirmation Candle
Affirmation Candle
Affirmation Candle
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Affirmation Candle

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15 oz gold luxury tin candle that stated my favorite affirmation that I repeat daily: "My sales are increasing every day. I am advancing and moving forward."

I created this candle for myself as a reminder to state this out loud throughout the day.

The fragrances to choose from:

HUSTLEFresh cut bamboo swirled with rich, exotic black ginger on a warm bed of woody notes completes this complex and enticing fragrance.

LEGACY - is a simply amazing fragrance with strong top notes of black currants, strawberries, and mulberries; middle note of granny smith apples; bottom notes of rose and jasmine

POWER - Fruity and succulent, with pineapple and grapefruit foremost. Flirty and youthful.

ACE: Masculine fragrance with fresh bergamot top notes, wild lavender, and subtle florals are followed by sandalwood and soothing musk.

BELLINI - Made up with top notes of Apricot, Pineapple, Lemon Zest,  Mid notes of Lavender Petals, White Cyclamen, and Sweet Nectar and bottom notes of Plum Blossom, Green Apple, and Orange Flower.

All smell amazing. Power is my favorite. For more details please visit

Please be aware that my candles contain herbs, crystals, and other matter inside and on top of them which can catch fire when the candle is lit. Please be very cautious when lighting these candles and never leave them unattended, near a ceiling, wall or curtains, etc that can catch fire. It is recommended that you remove any dried plant matter prior to burning. Also never leave them around children or pets. Heavenly Candle Co LLC nor its affiliates will not be held responsible for the misuse of candles or products. Please know that by purchasing any item from our shop you agree to these understandings and hold harmless Heavenly Candle Co LLC and its affiliates. ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY!

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